Get Ready for the First Royalty Distributions

The MLC remains on track to begin distributing monthly royalty payments to Members starting in April, which will cover usage for January of 2021, so it is imperative to make sure all of the contact and payment information we have for you is accurate and up-to-date. You can check those details and make any needed changes to that information in The MLC Portal by clicking on the Maintenance tab in your Member account, and as always, you can contact our Support Team with any questions you may have.  

Please note: If you are a U.S. based Member and elected to authorize the Harry Fox Agency to share your HFA account information with The MLC by saying “yes” to the opt-in request they sent their affiliates last Summer, The MLC will use the banking and tax information that HFA had on file for you when you submitted your opt-in request. That said, The MLC strongly encourages those Members to review their banking and financial information again now - in The MLC Portal - to confirm that it is still accurate and up-to-date. 

For International Members, because the W-8BEN tax form you are required to provide expires after three years, we ask that you log into The MLC Portal and submit your data again now, to ensure that your information is current and the form you previously submitted to HFA has not expired. We also request that you submit your banking details. 

Royalty Statements: The MLC will issue royalty payments and statements approximately 75 days following the end of each calendar month. When statements are made available, Members will receive a notification directing them to the Royalties section of The MLC Portal where they can access their statements. Royalty statements will be available in the following two layout formats:    

The MLC Royalty Detail Statement Layout: Provides royalty data corresponding with the individual sound recordings contained in DSP usage reports. Click here to view Royalty Detail Layout. 

The MLC Work Summary Statement Layout: Provides royalty data summarized at the musical work level. Click here to view Work Summary Layout.  

All Statements will be provided in the Tab Separated Value (.tsv) file format, which is compatible with most commonly available spreadsheet software. For more information about the process and schedule of royalty distributions to Members, click here.