5 Things You Need to Organize Your Song Data

Accurate metadata is crucial to getting paid the royalties you are due. When you’re sitting down to write, it’s essential to capture the right information to ensure all contributing parties are credited and can be paid.

Our friends at Credits Due are working to increase public knowledge of music rights through education and support in order to enable music creators to be credited fairly for the music they share with the world. They highlight the five data elements that should be attached to every work, from the moment you start writing:

  1. Creator identifiers and role codes (IPI, IPN & ISNI)
  2. Musical work identifier (ISWC)
  3. Recorder identifier (ISRC)
  4. Song title and alternative song titles
  5. Writer, performer, producer and contributor names.

Jot these down for each of your songs and check The MLC Portal to make sure your data is accurate today!

You can learn more about Credits Due and their mission to bring the music industry together to ensure that complete and accurate song metadata is attached to all recordings at the point of creation at creditsdue.org.